Become an Owner

Jasper Rubber Products, Inc., is proud to be an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company. This is a qualified defined contribution retirement plan that allows our team members to share in the ownership of the company. And at the same time, you accumulate valuable savings toward your retirement years.

Control Your Own Success!

We are an employee owned company. So when you are employed by Jasper Rubber Products, you receive more than just a regular paycheck. You also acquire ownership of company stock, so that makes you an owner of Jasper Rubber Products. And when your company does well, you do too!

Research shows an ESOP has important positive effects on a company. An ESOP company experiences increased productivity, and both profitability and revenue increase. In addition, since all employees benefit from working harder, better organizational performance leads to higher stock value. So each team member benefits from the higher value of the company stock they own.

Invest in Yourself.

Since Jasper Rubber Products provides team members the benefit of Employee Stock Ownership, you invest in your future every day you work. You are not just “working for the man.” You are the man – or woman – you are working for, so when your team ships out each pallet of perfectly manufactured products, it’s an investment in you and your co-workers. Your future will be that much brighter because you have made that investment of time, effort, and excellence in your company.