Custom Compounding

At Jasper Rubber Products, Inc., we specialize in custom compounding the exact formulation for each of our customers’ applications. Our laboratory concentrates on identifying the ideal material for your products in rubber materials, thermoplastic elastomers, liquid silicone rubber, elastomer technology, and more.

Perfecting Your Proprietary Custom Material

If your product manufacture is already established with a specialty custom compounded rubber material, thermoplastic, or other plastic material, the scientists and engineers at Jasper Rubber Products assure that your exact formulation will be matched for every production run. Your products will be consistently manufactured in every shipment. And if there is a way to improve your custom materials, our laboratory will identify the material properties and manufacturing or cost efficiencies that benefit your company.

Custom Compounding to Match Your Specs

Bring us your product specs, and the scientists and engineers at Jasper Rubber Products, Inc., will formulate the compound your product requires. If you know the physical properties your product requires, but do not have specific material specs, our laboratory is equipped to formulate the exact custom compounding material for your application.

Your compound formulation considers properties such as temperature and hardness ranges, but also a broad range of properties that result in optimum product or component performance. Some properties we consider include the following and more:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Ozone and oxidation resistance
  • Weather, sunlight, and radiation resistance
  • Flame resistance
  • Performance in acids, alkalis, oils, and other conditions
  • Performance in manufacturing processes
  • Color matching

Count on Us for Your Custom Compounding Challenges

As you strive to expand and improve your products and components, you can turn to the materials experts at Jasper Rubber Products, Inc., for customized materials development. Talk to us about the weaknesses or problems identified in your existing lines or about the properties desired for new components. Let us prove the value of accurately developed custom compounds for your manufacturing processes and customer satisfaction.