At Jasper Rubber Products, Inc., we continue investing extensively in the most responsive molding equipment. This ongoing commitment to excellence enables us to further our leadership position, while also increasing our capacity. When turning to us for product manufacturing requiring injection molding, compression molding, or transfer molding, you can confidently count on us for custom molded products that are precisely configured to your complex specifications.

Injection Molding

Producing exacting compliance to dimensional tolerances and reliably high quality for our customers’ products and components, injection molding is a key production process at Jasper Rubber Products.

Our investment in the injection molding technology means we produce your rubber, plastic, or custom elastomer products and components with excellent compliance to your most exacting specs. And faster turn-around time results in higher volume runs and lower unit costs.

Compression Molding

A preferred manufacturing method for a variety of types of components and materials, compression molding is utilized for many customers’ product production at Jasper Rubber Products.

Compression molding is ideal for larger parts and those with less precise or exacting dimensional tolerances. Tooling for compression molding is less expensive, and there is less waste material produced by the process. So it is a cost-effective manufacturing option, especially with lower volume production runs and for components designed with more expensive custom compounded rubber or plastic materials.

When you trust Jasper Rubber Products to manufacture your compression molded products or components, you benefit from our ongoing investment in compression molding equipment and technology and the expert skills of our production team members. Our quality compression molding processes are second to none and available to begin working for you.

Transfer Molding

A process similar to compression molding, transfer molding is a very efficient option used at Jasper Rubber Products for many of our customers’ proprietary product runs. In transfer molding, a transfer system on top of the mold feeds the rubber or elastomer material into mold cavities as the press is closed, resulting in excellent uniformity among mold cavities.

The transfer molding process is ideal for producing intricate parts and for lower volume runs. However, the transfer molding process is also effective & efficient for producing products or components that do not require as exacting tolerances and for products in higher volume production runs.

Jasper Rubber Products continues the tradition of investment in expanding and developing our transfer molding manufacturing equipment, technology, and production expertise. Let us show you how your product or component specifications are expertly produced using our expert transfer molding manufacturing processes.

Quality Rubber Manufacturing Finishing Processes

While our molding expertise has earned us a solid position as a renowned US based rubber manufacturer, our attention to excellence and detail does not stop at production. At Jasper Rubber, our inline cryogenic deflashing system and stringent inspection techniques adeptly complete the first-rate molding production process. Our use of the non-abrasive cryogenic method protects the integrity of your product while cleanly removing flash from even the most complex configurations.