Extrusion is an important and versatile aspect of the production process at Jasper Rubber Products, Inc. We produce extruded rubber, TPE products, and plastic products as profiled extrusions. Our exacting production standards apply to standard and custom or odd-shaped extrusions for seals, gaskets, sound-deadening, and a variety of proprietary applications to meet our customers’ exacting specs.

We also extrude rubber, TPE, or plastics materials for tubes that eventually become mandrel-formed hoses, or are lathe-cut into gaskets or washers. Whatever your product or component requirements, you can depend on Jasper Rubber for consistent accuracy, quality, and performance in every product run.

When you bring your extruded products challenges to Jasper Rubber, our research and product specialists work with your design and production engineers to develop and refine the most reliable custom compounded materials and extrusion profile for your components. And our production personnel ensure your extrusion requirements, from material properties to final part dimensions and tolerances, are accurately and consistently produced on every production run. We partner with you as a trusted supplier for your extruded rubber or plastics products.